Stefano Forte is professor of theoretical physics at Milan University. After getting his Ph.D. from MIT under the supervision of Roman Jackiw, he was a postdoc at Saclay  and a CERN fellow, and a staff physicist with INFN in Torino and Rome, where he enjoyed a long-standing collaboration with the late Guido Altarelli. He has held visiting positions at Barcelona, Edinburgh, Ecole Polytechnique and Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris). He has been a convenor or member in various committees and working groups for past, present and future experiments, facilities and projects in high energy physics, including the SPSCommitteee at CERN, the Higgs Cross Section working group and the LHeC international advisory committee. He is currently associate editor of European Journal of Physics C and member of the editorial board of Journal of Physics G. He has authored about 200 papers, mostly on the theory of strong interactions. As a spokesperson of the NNPDF collaboration since its inception, he has pioneered the use of neural networks and Monte Carlo method in the study of the parton distributions which encode the quark and gluon structure of the nucleon. Since his inception as a professor in Milan in 2003 he has led its phenomenology group (currently TIF lab) and he has trained a large number of young researchers, including some of the current leaders in the field.