The following publications include results partly or entirely based on research carried out within the N3PDF project.



  • Daniel Krefl, Stefano Carrazza, Babak Haghighat, Jens Kahlen, Riemann-Theta Boltzmann Machine, [arXiv:1712.07581] INSPIRE HEP
  • Valerio Bertone, Stefano Carrazza, Nathan P. Hartland, Juan Rojo, Illuminating the photon content of the proton within a global PDF analysis, [arXiv:1712.07053] INSPIRE HEP
  • The NNPDF Collaboration, Parton distributions from high-precision collider data, Eur.Phys.J. C77 (2017) no.10, 663, [arXiv:1706.00428] INSPIRE HEP