We will produce PDFs based on theoretical predictions which are as close as possible to the quantities which are measured experimentally, including an estimate of the theoretical uncertainties involved.  The motivation is to go beyond the current PDF determination which is based on fixed-order QCD theory, with no acccount of theory uncertainties.

This will involve a number of improvements over the current methodology. A first one is the inclusion of resummation in the theory used for PDF determination: this allows for a widening of the kinematic range of the data used and for an accurate assessment of the impact of resummation effects. A second one  is the full inclusion of photon-induced and electroweak corrections: this allows the use of data at the level of  “dressed leptons”, close to what is actually measured. A third one is the systematic inclusion of theory uncertainties in PDF determination.

The final deliverables will be a PDF sets including  resummation, electroweak corrections and theory uncertainties, or any desired combination thereof.